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WLAN Handset 6120


Avaya’s WLAN Handset 6120 is an intermediate-level wireless device designed for premises-based mobile communication in the workplace. The full-featured, lightweight, durable handset supports a robust set of telephony capabilites for voice and data communication via WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g access points. The WLAN Handset 6120 is optimized for application in the general office, financial or hospitality industries.

Handset 6120

Key Features:

Features & Benefits

Avaya’s WLAN Handset 6120 supports a broad range of market applications, from general office to medical, retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial environments.

*These functions are provided on the WLAN Handset when deployed on Signaling Server architecture with CS 1000 Release 4.0 or later

Technical Specifications

Platform Support


Fixed and Soft Label Keys

Navigation cluster

Backlit keypad, navigation cluster and softkeys

User-selectable ringtones* or silent ring vibration options

Manual or Auto keypad lock  (Auto lock delay can be configured for 5, 10, or 20 seconds)

WLAN handset notification profiles

Wireless standards compliance 

Wireless supported data rates**** , modulation, and modulation types 

Radio Frequency (RF) output power (peak)******  

Wireless frequency range******* and supported number of channels********  

Open Application Interface (OAI) 


Wireless security 

Wireless Quality of Service (QoS) 

Configuration and setup 


Headset support 

Dimensions and Weight (approximate)


Battery Pack options  

Handset/Battery Charger options 

Protocol Support 

Audio Quality of Service (QoS) 

Language Support 

Operating Temperature 

Relative Humidity 

Storage Temperature

EMC & Wireless 


Wireless Regulatory Identification/Compliance (for WLAN radio): 

US/Canada/EU Countries

*Up to ten user-selectable ring tones with eight-step volume control
**TPC implementation does not support active power control adjustment. The maximum power level is controlled by regulatory domain to be below the level required for dynamic power control.
***DFS operates in Slave mode in conjunction with wireless infrastructure devices capable of performing Master mode detection algorithms.
****If there are changes in the propagation channel, the dynamic rate switching algorithm will automatically step up or down to an optimum rate that allows for reliable transmissions at the highest possible bit rate.
*****Configurable for 802.11g-only operation or for optimized 802.11b/g mixed mode performance via medium reservation mechanism.
******Levels are configurable by Administrator. Available power levels may vary based on regulatory domain.
*******Frequency ranges and channels may vary for certain countries to meet the appropriate regulatory restrictions.
********Local regulatory requirements and good wireless network design will limit the number of usable channels available in any particular installation.
*********Recommended battery replacement interval is every 12-13 months under normal usage duty cycle.

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WLAN IP Telephony FAQS