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GN Netcom 2200 Omega

The GN 2200 delivers professional performance and great value. Itís the smart headset investment decision that doesn'tít compromise on sound quality or durability. The noise-canceling microphone reduces interference from background noise, making the GN 2200 ideal for noisier work environments.

Its flex boom is sleek and durable, and the headset will perform for years, even under the most telephone-intensive conditions. Available with a choice of mono and duo wearing styles, the lightweight GN 2200 ensures all-day wearing comfort.

> Professional performance
> Great value
> Durable, lightweight and trendy

GN 2200 Models:

GN 2220
Monaural, over-the-head with noise-canceling microphone and DuraFlex- II boom.

GN 2225
Binaural, over-the-head with noise-canceling microphone and DuraFlex-II boom.


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