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Meridian 3900 (M3900) Series Digital Telephones


The M7100 single line telephone delivers dependable functionality to users or areas with low usage requirements, like lobbies and breakrooms. The Norstar M7100 phone provides one programmable memory button and a feature button, along with the one-line by sixteen-character LCD Window.

M3901 Entry Telephone-Overview

The M3901 Entry Telephone is an economical digital phone solution. This single-line entry-level phone is perfect for use in places such as lobbies or reception areas, cafeterias, hallways, and other areas where telephone use is occasional. It supports up to five programmable features, particularly optimized for Auto Dial. A convenient feature card identifies features and Auto Dial-numbers

The Norstar M3901

Key Features:

Technical Specifications


Depth 1:
Depth 2:
Height 1:
Height 2:
8.50 in. (216 mm)
7.75 in. (197 mm)
6.75 in. (171 mm)
5.13 in. (130 mm)
7.00 in. (178 mm)
1.64 lb (0.74 kg)

Note: Depth 1 and Height 1 measured with the phone in the lowest position on the footstand. Depth 2 and Height 2 measured with the phone in the highest position on the footstand.

Color Operating Environment

Temperature Relative Humidity Auxiliary Power (M3902 and M3903 only) Loop Length Standards Prerequisites

Meridian 1 Meridian SL-100

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Meridian M3901

Meridian M3902

Meridian M3903

Meridian M3904

Meridian M3905