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Norstar VoIP Gateway


The Norstar VoIP Gateway is a VoIP trunk-side networking solution that enables voice applications to be handled over the data infrastructure. The VoIP Gateway allows existing small multi-site Norstar customers to cost effectively enter into the VoIP environment while providing an opportunity for large multi-site companies with Norstar systems to slowly migrate their voice network to IP.

VoIP Gateway

The Norstar VoIP Gateway is an external box that interfaces to the Norstar system over up to four loop start analog lines, providing a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection LAN.

Key Features:
Features & Benefits


Technical Specifications

IP Network Specifications

Telephony Specifications OAM

Q. How many IP Trunks will the Norstar VoIP Gateway Support?
Four analog VoIP Trunks.

Q. Can I use multiple VoIP Gateways on a single Norstar system?
Yes you can stack multiple VoIP Gateways to provide more than four analog VoIP Trunks on a single Norstar System.

Q. What software do I need on my Norstar system to be compatible with the Norstar VoIP Gateway?
The Norstar VoIP Gateway is backwards compatible with all levels of Norstar software levels.

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