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Mobile USB Headset Adapter for IP Softphones


The Avaya Mobile USB Headset Adapter extends high-quality digital audio and business telephony features from Avaya Communication Clients including the IP Softphone 2050, Multimedia Communication Server 5100 and Multimedia Communication Server 5200 Clients, and the m6350 for IP Centrex applications. USB 1.1 (and later) connections are supported along with a 2.5mm headset jack, offering the choice of a single 3 rd party headset for use in both public and private network calls.


Key Features:

Features & Benefits



Technical Specifications

Operating System

Compatible Software

PC Connectivity



Operating Temperature

Headset Specification


2.5mm jack (tip is mic, ring is rcvr, common sleeve)

Microphone Type:

Noise canceling electret

Microphone Sensitivity:

Typical -34 dbV/ubar at 1 kHz

Microphone DC resistance:

5KOhm to 20KOhm at 2.4V DC bias

Microphone AC impedance:

<5KOhm at 1 kHz

Microphone Freq Response:

+/- 3dB 200Hz to 4 kHz

Receiver Type:

Dynamic Speaker

Receiver Impedance:

32 Ohm to 150 Ohm

Receiver Sensitivity:

Typical 114 dB SPL 1mW at 1KHz

Return Loss:

>32 dB (acoustic, electrical, mechanical)



Do you offer longer USB cables for the headset?

The Mobile USB Headset Adapter is designed with portability in mind as targeted for the worker-on-the-go. End users who desire a longer cord length could leverage use of standard USB hubs for support or consider, if appropriate, the Enhanced USB Audio Adapter designed for desktop use that comes standard with a longer cord from the PCís USB port to the Adapterís USB connector.

Does the External Alerter which is used in call centre environments work with the Mobile USB Headset Adapter as well?

Users of the Mobile USB Headset Adapter may use PC speakers for audio-based external alerting. Users requiring visual external alerting may wish to consider the AvayaEnhanced USB Adapter that supports a 3rd party developer visual alerter solution.


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