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Battery Packs

Each WLAN Handset 2200 Series rechargeable Battery Pack utilizes advanced nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) cell chemistry and is designed specifically for each WLAN Handset model. The compact battery pack design physically does not extend beyond the back of the WLAN handset.

6100 singleslotcharger


The headset handsfree option helps keep you connected while multi-tasking.

Belt Clips, Lanyards & Carry Cases

A variety of carrying options are available to help protect your WLAN handset investment and meet personal carrying preferences.

Configuration and Administration

The WLAN Handset 2200 Series Configuration Cradle hardware and software help ease the initial configuration and ongoing administration of the WLAN Handset 2210, WLAN Handset 2211, and WLAN Handset 2212. The solution allows configuration changes and typically time-consuming settings (i.e. security keys and WLAN/network/server settings) to be quickly loaded into the handset. The Configuration Cradle solution is comprised of the cradle hardware, local power supply adapter, Windows PC with Configuration Cradle software, and a serial cable for connectivity.


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