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Adelphi provides market intelligence to global drug companies and employs some 500 scientists in offices around the world.

Customer Need

Adelphi's legacy communication system lacked the resilience and features needed to provide reliable, productive service to the company's growing business, and was proving extremely costly to maintain.

Consequently, Adelphi looked to implement a company-wide IP Telephony solution to roll-out advanced communication features, improve reliability for business-critical voice services, and lower the company's call spend.

Avaya Solution

Adelphi chose to deploy the Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 (formerly Passport 8600), alongside Business Policy Switches (formerly BayStack BPS) switches. Avaya VPN Routers (formerly Contivity) was installed for VPN tunnelling, while a system of Communication Server 1000 and Business Communication Managers handle IP Telephony across the organisation. Unified Messaging is delivered by CallPilot . The whole solution is managed by Enterprise Network Management .

Results & Benefits

Adelphi now has a secure, reliable and available wide-area network infrastructure to support communications between sites
The company has experienced six-figure savings in call costs because calls between offices are now free
Employees and customers can enjoy new features like voicemail to improve communication and build relationships

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