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WLAN Application Gateway 2246


Avaya WLAN Application Gateway 2246 is an Open Application Interface (OAI) enabling third party software applications to communicate with our WLAN Handsets 2210 and 2211.

OAI is a messaging protocol interface open to any developer. Many applications are currently integrated with OAI, while others are continuously being developed to meet vertical market needs. Avaya offers a developer's package with the software necessary to easily integrate and test applications.

No matter what the business, through Open Application Interface an application can be created that keeps people informed, lets them react more quickly to situations, saves them time and saves the company money.

Features & Benefits

The open nature of the Open Application Interface (OAI) means the potential business applications that can be developed are endless. The following are just some of the ways different businesses are using Avaya WLAN Handsets to boost customer service and productivity.

When a patient pushes the emergency button beside the bed an application can trigger a nurse's WLAN handset to ring and show which patient is calling.

The nurse can push a button on the phone and talk directly to the patient, or contact a physician and other team members while on the move, saving precious time.

Salespeople can use their WLAN handset to access inventory databases and check stock levels and prices, giving customers fast service on-the-spot without walking them over to a computer terminal.

Automobile salespeople on the lot can push a button on their handset and connect with the P.C. database to check options and prices.

An application can alert production managers when temperature limits are exceeded or parts are running low by ringing a supervisor's portable phone and sending a text message.

Supervisors can use their phones to access P.C.s that control machines, check the status of functions, and make adjustments while on the move.

Housekeeping supervisors are constantly on the move but can easily keep track of room availability and schedules by accessing the hotel's computer systems through their portable phones. Maintenance supervisors can use their phones to remotely control lighting, heating and alarms.

Technical Specifications


If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2237 or 877 336 7710 for more immediate help and advice.


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