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Business Communications Manager 50 - Advanced Paging Productivity Pack

The Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) Advanced Paging Productivity (APP) Pack is a suite of advanced paging and text-messaging applications for BCM. It includes One Button Paging, One Button Text Messaging, Customer Assistance Paging (with an Optional Customer Call Box), and Scheduled Announcements.

APP Pack offers full integration with Avaya's SMB Mobility portfolio and is designed for businesses where paging is regularly used, especially “big-box” retail environments but also including manufacturing, education and security-related industries.

BCM50 Package

One-Button Paging: Simply press a button and pre-recorded announcements are played in paging zones.

One-Button Text Messaging: Send pre-recorded messages to another IP or digital set, (mobile or stationary). Recipients can respond with the simple push of a button.

Customer Assistance Paging: Customers and employees can request assistance to a zone of the store or business with the simple push of a button.

Scheduled Announcements: Automated in-store notifications play centrally recorded messages across multiple sites ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Centralized/Remote Administration: Simplified installation, configuration and management across one or multiple sites.

Management and Reporting: Tracking and reporting available on all features helps businesses benchmark and improve communication processes, especially those related to employee productivity and customer service.

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