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T.A. Brannon Steel

Brampton Ontario based T.A. Brannon Steel was founded in 1968 by long-time steel man, Tom Brannon, who assembled a team of experts and together with his son Al Brannon, dedicated the company to providing product excellence backed by a high level of service.

Customer Need

In a very challenging environment - millions of pounds of steel, heavy machinery, extreme noise levels and radio interference - T.A. Brannon Steel needs a particularly sturdy wireless solution to maintain business- critical communication links.

Avaya Solution

T.A. Brannon Steel had been very pleased with its Avaya Companion handsets and with its longtime-deployed Avaya Norstar communications system. The recent upgrade consisted of a Avaya Digital Mobility solution that includes the Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) 400 , the Avaya Digital Mobility Controller 320 , eight base stations covering three T.A. Brannon Steel locations and Avaya Digital Mobility Handsets .

Results & Benefits

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