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Product Brief - Avaya Digital Mobility Solution for Norstar and Business Communications Manager

Virtual Data Center

digital mob

It’s a surprising but very real statistic: 50 to 70 percent of office space is unoccupied during normal business hours, according to the International Telework Association and Council. Where are these people? Some are elsewhere in the building or visiting another company site. Others are working at home or on the road. With the widespread adoption of telecommuting, wireless and various other “virtual office” technologies, this trend will only increase. How can companies ensure that time and distance do not become barriers to productive collaboration? What’s the best way to provide connectivity for employees who are always on the move, such as healthcare professionals, plant supervisors and sales associates in large retail stores?

Wherever employees must stay in touch across a building or campus — with clear voice and a full set of telephony features — Avaya has a mobility solution to fit.

Our Digital Mobility Solutions work seamlessly with Avaya Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System, Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System and Avaya Business Communications Manager 50, 200, 400 and 450 platforms.

Digital mobility made easy and affordable for 1 to 64 users Blend wired and wireless worlds

Seamlessly extend the features and applications of Norstar and Business Communications Manager communications systems into the wireless realm. When your mobile users roam the premises, their services follow them on rugged, reliable wireless handsets. Messaging, contact center skillset routing, caller ID, conferencing... these features and more will work just the same as on users’ desktops. In fact, users can switch between mobile and desktop phones during a call with a simple call transfer (from mobile to desktop or vice versa). Best of all, there are no airtime charges, because the system uses your own private segment of spectrum, which doesn’t have to be registered with authorities.

Build for scalability using a modular architecture

For small sites with up to eight mobile users, you can deploy a cost-effective Avaya Digital Mobility Controller 080 with wireless connections up to two base stations and eight handsets. You can link two controller modules together to double that capacity and serve 16 simultaneous users. For medium-sized sites, the Avaya Digital Mobility Controller 320 supports up to eight base stations and 32 handsets users. A Digital Mobility Controller 320 can be linked to a Digital Mobility Controller 080 or another Digital Mobility Controller 320 for even more capacity. With this modular architecture, your mobility solution can easily expand, up to 64 users, to meet future growth.

Grow your coverage up to 1.5 million square feet

Each base station can serve up to 50,000 square feet (in a typical environment) and can be located up to 5,000 feet from the control module. A fully configured Digital Mobility Controller 080 module provides coverage throughout 180,000 square feet of building space. A dual-module configuration covers nearly 1.5 million square feet — that’s three football fields.

Extend basestation coverage up to 50 percent

You can extend service beyond the reach of a base station or to obstructed areas using wireless repeaters — up to six repeaters per base station. Each locally powered repeater provides 25,000 square feet of coverage and extends support to four simultaneous conversations. An optional, external antenna can be used with a repeater to create isolated coverage zones up to a kilometer away (.62 miles) — ideal for providing mobile coverage on a campus with multiple buildings.

Enjoy secure, clear conversations and continuous coverage

With this solution, there are no “dead zones”, no static or fading, so people may not realize you’re talking on a portable phone. You won’t have to worry about security and confidentiality. Users can be registered to the system with passwords; and with security features like Secure DES and frequency hopping, nobody can cut in on their service or accidentally tune into their conversations.

Enjoy a rich set of features on rugged, reliable wireless handsets

Avaya offers a choice of stylish handsets designed for serious use, with sophisticated features such as backlit displays, programmable “softkeys”, memory for up to 80 names and numbers, support for caller ID, user-selectable ring tones and vibrate setting, adjustable volume, headset jack and more.

Avaya Digital Mobility Handsets 7439 (equivalent model numbers for the 7439 outside North America are 7434, 4135 and 4136) offers a solid basic value at a low cost, with a rugged design ideal for industry, warehouse and retail environments that don’t need special features like a headset jack, hands-free or vibrate-alert.

The Avaya Digital Mobility Handset 7449 (equivalent model numbers for the 7449 outside North America are 7444, 4145 and 4146) is a fullfeatured, rugged, high-quality set with IP 54 classification, meaning it is well protected from dust and splashing water. The 7449 is designed for high traffic and/or more rugged environments, such as “big-box” retail stores, hospitals or even car dealerships, as well as power users in more dynamic office environments or customer contact centers.

A few industry applications

• “Always Mobile” workers
• Improve price accuracy/efficiency
• Increase employee productivity
• Improve customer service

Hospitality and hotels
• Avoid cellular/pager charges
• Improve employee collaboration
• Room updates (vacant/clean/ under repair)
• Increase productivity

• Collaboration/faster problem resolution
• Improve safety
• Improve inventory management
• Increase employee productivity

• Improve patient care
• Improve safety
• Increase employee productivity
• Increase collaboration

Rest easy with a 100-percent Avaya solution

One of the strongest advantages of Avaya Digital Mobility Solutions is that they are developed, marketed, serviced and supported by Avaya. You know you will benefit from leading quality, world class service and support, and rock-solid compatibility with the core communications products and features.

WLAN interference concerns — no worries here! Digital Mobility has been designed to operate in the “voice only” spectrum, which means customers completely avoid other potentially congested frequency


If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2237 or 877 336 7710 for more immediate help and advice.


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