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Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is a 50-employee nonprofit organization located just north of Toronto. Building on kids’ natural connection to Earth Rangers’ live, Animal Ambassadors, its live shows and children’s website,, empower hundreds of thousands of kids each year to make realistic, lifestyle changes. With a mission to instill in young people a lasting passion for building a better future, Earth Rangers believes that kids have both the power and the desire to change the world, and the right to inherit a healthy planet.

Customer Need

Earth Rangers recognizes the need to ensure that this vision permeates their day-to-day operations, so they began researching network solutions that would allow more of its employees to work from home and dramatically reduce energy consumption. They wanted a vendor that had an interest in a long-term partnership and that shared their values in terms of the environment and sustainability.

Avaya Solution

Using the Avaya Energy Efficiency Calculator, Earth Rangers was able to model their planned deployment, along with competing vendor solutions to make informed energy-efficient decisions.

They selected a Avaya solution based on the Business Communication Manager 400 for IP-enabled or pure-IP, allowing Earth Rangers to reuse existing analog phones and also transition to VoIP, with Avaya IP Phones . Earth Rangers is also using the Avaya VPN Gateway 3000 to enable its employees to work remotely and the Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 for secure, always-on networking.

Results & Benefits

Earth Rangers expects to save 35,000 kilowatt hours a year with its Avaya solution. Avaya teleworking and VPN solutions will allow at least half of Earth Rangers' employees to avoid travel - and its associated expenses - thereby reducing carbon emissions by 23 tonnes (or over 50,000 pounds) a year. Avaya's support of legacy TDM devices also allows Earth Rangers to reuse older phones in the new deployment rather than having to dispose of them as they upgrade to a new IP network.

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