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Avaya Norstar Integrated Communications Systems

Solution Overview

Powerful yet simple communications for business
In the Internet-based, global economy, businesses of any size can compete with large enterprises, with impact and success. You need a telephone system that can measure up to the corporate-caliber image you have created with your portfolio and Web presence. You need to exploit all the convenience, productivity and efficiency advantages of today’s telephone systems, just as you’ve leveraged the Internet to drive business forward. If you haven’t investigated communications systems in the last few years, you’re in for some very pleasant surprises. Small and medium businesses, branch offices and off-site departments can now enjoy high-end capabilities formerly reserved only for larger enterprises. Automated attendant, voice mail, skillsbased routing for call center agents, computer-telephony integration, desktop messaging, mobility... these features and more can now be cost-effectively delivered for businesses with only a few lines or many lines.

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The solution is a Norstar* Integrated Communications System from Avaya’s proven family of communication solutions. Norstar earned market leadership with a very simple proposition: give businesses robust, full-featured communications, but don’t require them to become network gurus and telephone mystics to get it done. For administrators and users alike, the phone system should be almost invisible — a no-worry, no-hassle conduit for all the critical information flow of business. True to that proposition, Norstar systems are straightforward, reliable, cost effective, easy to install and easy to use.

For more than 17 years, millions of users in 80 countries have relied on Norstar systems to connect with their colleagues, suppliers and customers. As the technology has marched forward, Norstar systems have kept pace, being continually enhanced in terms of features, reliability and ease of use.

An all-in-one platform for your integrated communication needs
The nerve center of every Norstar system is a Norstar Integrated Communications System. Three models offer choices for every application — from the smallest home office or branch with only a handful of extensions, to a multi-location business office with hundreds of ports — at a price point to suit any site.

> For small businesses and home offices, Avaya Norstar 3x8 Integrated Communications System provides a wealth of telephony services for up to three outside lines and eight internal telephone extensions. This simple yet sophisticated unit supports voice mail, automated attendant (“For the Parts Department, press 1”...) and digital business telephone sets with LCD displays and programmable feature keys.

> For growing yet budget-conscious businesses, Avaya Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System uses a building-block design to grow from four outside lines and eight extensions up to eight lines and 24 telephone extensions. This flexible unit is ideal for growing organizations that may need basic call center functions, desktop messaging and the ability to blend telephone and computer functions, such as using the PC to manage phone calls or to automatically display a caller’s account record with the call.

> For dynamic, larger or multi-site businesses that need sophisticated capabilities, Avaya Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System, our premier Norstar platform, grows to support up to 280 ports in various configurations. Software and system expansion modules enable you to grow as your business needs change, both in capacity and features. For example, you could start with basic voice messaging, then add desktop messaging, add enhanced call center services or take advantage of networking to deploy telephony applications in one place yet extend capabilities to many locations.

Transform communications from basic utility into competitive advantage
These fully digital Norstar Integrated Communications System platforms bring together your diverse communications — voice mail, email, computer and telephone — right at your desktop. Consider the advantages of Norstar for your business. High-bandwidth capabilities deliver powerful applications to each extension or desktop without changing your existing wiring. Digital technology ensures reliability and clear sound, while setting the stage for advanced applications, such as automatic call distribution, call tracking by client and comprehensive call reporting. Productivity-enhancing applications, such as desktop messaging and call centers, enable staff to be more effective while improving service quality and company image. Security and toll fraud prevention features protect and preserve the use of your telephone resources for authorized users and purposes only.

You’ll also appreciate that Norstar is one of the most durable and reliable telephone solutions available. For example, the Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System has been tested to show a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 100 years. That’s a century of worry-free performance. With advantages such as these, it’s no surprise that more people buy Norstar than any other voice solution. In fact, you’ll find Norstar telephones on the desks of more than 14 million people in more than a million businesses around the world.

Enjoy new levels of productivity, convenience and control
Norstar systems are packed with callhandling features that project a professional business image, ensure attentive service for every call and empower your staff to better manage their communications.

For example:
> Transferring calls is easy. Simply announce the call and send it. If the other line is busy or unanswered, the call returns to you. No more dropped or misdirected calls.

> Tones and music on hold assure callers that they haven't been forgotten or disconnected; a held-line reminder doesn’t let you forget that an important caller is holding.

> Distinctive ringing makes it easy to distinguish internal and external calls, so you can respond appropriately.

> Speed dialing lets you dial up to 255 external telephone numbers using a three-digit code (up to 70 numbers using a two-digit code, with the Norstar 3x8 Integrated Communications System)

> Paging enables you to quickly locate a co-worker by making an announcement through Norstar phones, auxiliary speakers or both.

> A Conference feature lets you quickly bring a third person into a conversation.

> A “Do Not Disturb” feature enables you to direct calls to voice mail without a phone ring, so important meetings won’t be disrupted.

> Programmable feature keys give you one-touch access to frequently used features.

> The LCD window on Norstar phones helps aid in the use of features, so even sophisticated functions are easy to use.

Configure exactly the right system with add-on options

You can enhance your Norstar system with options that precisely suit your business needs. For example:

> Voice messaging ensures that even when staff are away from their desks, their calls come through, and callers can leave information for them.

> Integrated automated attendant ensures that calls are answered 24 hours a day and routed to the right people, departments
or voice mailboxes.

> Analog terminal adapters connect computer modems, fax machines, credit card terminals and other analog devices to the business telephone system without the need for a dedicated line.

> Station message detail recording (SMDR) tracks the organization’s calling activity, so you can monitor telephone costs and assign codes for client billing.

Improve business operations with integrated applications
At any time, you can enhance your Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System or Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System with an ever-expanding choice of integrated applications. Now your business telephone system can deliver capabilities formerly found only on large enterprise phone systems. With an affordable system scaled for a small organization, you can project a corporate-level image and a level of service quality that makes callers want to do business with you.

Consider the possibilities:
> Advanced messaging with Avaya Messaging 100 or Messaging 150 goes beyond voice mail by adding automated attendant, desktop messaging, calling line ID, caller message classification prompts, digital networking and more — for 10 to 300 employees.

> Norstar Call Centers support from 15 to 30 lines — up to 50 active agents— to establish efficient and productive contact centers. Real-time and historical reports enable you to optimize call center resources and service quality.

> Desktop Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) blends telephones and computers to support screen pops, PC-based voice mail and email management, on-screen click-to-call telephone directories, remote access for telecommuters and frequent travelers, intelligent call routing and control, database integration and more.

> Mobility solutions enable Norstar communications to follow your staff as they roam the building or campus— spanning up to 1.5 million square feet of territory. Available in single-cell or multi-cell options, mobility is ideal for employees whose jobs aren’t attached to a desk, such as hospital staff, warehouse operators and sales associates in large retail outlets.

> IP trunking with the Avaya Norstar VoIP Gateway enables your organization to transmit inter-office voice and fax traffic over your IP network to save toll charges and implement powerful new IP applications.

Unleash the power of Norstar systems with featured business sets
To end users, the telephones that sit on their desks are the system. It’s the critical interface that determines how easy it is for them to use the phone system, and in turn, how productive, effective and satisfied they will be. That’s why Avaya offers a wide range of userfriendly Business Series Terminals to fit any niche in the business, from the front desk to the conference room, from supervisors who spend their days on the phone to mobile workers who are never at their desks.

There’s an entry-level, single-line telephone ideal for public areas such as cafeterias and lobbies... a choice of multi-line, display telephones and consoles for moderate to high-volume users... cordless phones for several distinct environments, plus an audio conferencing unit and doorphone. Since Norstar Integrated Communications Systems support any combination of these phone sets, you can mix and match for the best economy and utility. You could equip public areas with the most basic one-line sets, give office professionals and technical specialists multi-line units with integrated display, provide more feature-rich sets for supervisors and managers and equip receptionists and emergency contact positions with modular desktop solutions that
efficiently distribute calls.

Expand to match the growth of your successful business
Whether you have two or 200 employees, it’s easy to add phones, incoming lines and capabilities as you need them. The modular, scalable design of Norstar systems lets you configure just what you need today and expand later. When you expand from the Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System platform to the Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System, you can re-use existing hardware and peripherals to extend the value of your original investment. You’ll retain the same telephones, applications, desktop setups, ways of working and most system components. And as the business continues to grow, that Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System platform can expand in building-block fashion from just a few incoming lines up to 280 ports in various combinations of lines, trunks and extensions.

If you have any queries or would like more information about any of the solutions outlined, please contact us or request a call back. Alternately, you can call us on 905 695 2237 or 877 336 7710 for more immediate help and advice.


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