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WLAN Handset 6100 Series


Avaya’s WLAN Handset 6100 Series portfolio gives users the freedom to roam from floor to floor in a building, or around a campus, while still remaining accessible and connected through a powerful, discrete, lightweight device. 

Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) represents the coming together of two important and rapidly growing technologies — WLAN and IP Telephony. By seamlessly integrating the IP Telephony system with WLAN infrastructure, users are provided with high-quality mobile voice and data communications throughout the workplace.

The portfolio is comprised of the WLAN Handsets, Avaya Communication Server, WLAN Infrastructure and Open Application Interface (for application/systems integration).

Portfolio Products

Features & Benefits

Avaya’s WLAN Handset 6100 Series portfolio provides similar telephony features and functionality of the Avaya IP Phone 1140E or IP Phone 2004 desksets while bringing communications to areas where wired desksets can't reach. The solution is designed to support a broad range of market applications, from general office to medical, retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial environments.

*For compatibility, the first eight channels of the WLAN Handset 6140 Push-to-Talk will inter-work/connect with the WLAN Handset 2211 Push-to-Talk function.


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WLAN IP Telephony FAQS