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City of Richardson, Texas

Richardson, Texas, as suburb of Dallas with a population near 100,000 experienced steady growth for a number of years. As a result, the communications infrastructure of the City of Richardson * became strained.
Customer Need
The city's 950 employees faced inconsistent network performance, and the congestions was particularly troublesome to the fire and police departments. With a new dark fiber network being installed, the city needed a new network design that delivered reliability, scalability and consistency - without putting undue strain on the city budget.
Avaya Solution
Avaya and Verizon designed a switch-based solution that improved system performance while providing maximum stability and availability. The new system included IP Telephony services that utilized some of the city's existing voice gear, increasing productivity while helping the city to realize substantial first-year cost savings. The solution included: Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 , Avaya Business Policy Switch, Meridian 1 Option 11C and Avaya IP Phones . Avaya Wireless Mesh Network solution also provides a public 'hotzone' wireless network.
Results & Benefits

The impact on the city's bandwidth was dramatic, as data speeds increased 10 times over. They obtained:

  • A simplified network with voice data delivered on the same fiber
  • Improved, uniform network performance
  • New technology using familiar protocols without all new equipment
  • Reduced costs related to telco services
  • A clear migration path for future upgrades



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