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UK company Vpress is a supplier of online print management solutions for over 300 companies worldwide. The company's software facilitates the design and print of a variety of corporate stationery, making production much easier, quicker and more cost-effective.


As a rapidly expanding company, Vpress found that its existing telephony simply wasn't providing the flexibility it needed for future growth. Not only that, the company knew it was not offering the optimum customer service to clients, as the existing system was inefficient and slow.


Avaya provided Vpress with the Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) 50 for a variety of flexible telephony features. In addition, Vpress connected a series of Avaya IP Phone 1120s to deliver IP telephony capabilities to staff. In addition to this is the Avaya Business Ethernet Switch 120 to deliver Power over Ethernet. The Avaya 2050 Softphone meanwhile, connects staff to the telephone system via their laptops, whilst a Business Access Point 120 enables wireless access within and around the main building. All of this is managed by the Avaya Business Element Manager which is a feature of the BCM 50 .


Scalability to add new users, supporting its rapid growth
Telephone communications that the firm and its clients can rely on
Features such as phone conferencing, allowing staff, partners and suppliers to conduct meetings irrespective of their location
Highly secure connections and wireless communications through laptops and the corporate network

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